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Toronto, 27-Sep-2002: Searching for New Liberalism

The political world is experiencing a series of immense pressures — political cynicism, voter disaffection, alienation of the young, new radical political movements . everything is in turmoil and disarray.

After last century's experimentation with neo-conservatism, the "new" labour, the collapse of communism, crony-capitalism, the Deng Xiapingisation of China, political exhaustion has set in.

This is the distressing and "post-modern" condition of ideologies, parties, policies and political thought.

Yet, there is a craving need for a revitalization of political discourse everywhere and in Canada, as well.

The search for a vital and progressive liberalism, consistent with the realities of the 21st century, true to the valid precepts of liberal thought and reflective of the Canadian experience is now taking place in Canada.

To move this discussion forward, a group of independent citizens are coming together, September 27th - 29th, to reflect upon and to seek a relevant definition and policy direction for Canadian liberal thought and action.

Some 18 papers will be written and circulated to the participants prior to the conference date. A book will be published after the conference to include the written papers and summaries of the discussion on the themes.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation.